Being a Mason is for me, at the same time a great honor, a responsibility to myself, as well as to my QQ:. HH:. and in general with all with whom I associate. In my new Masonic assignment that will last 2 years, this responsibility is increased as I have always believed that every assignment in Freemasonry is an opportunity to serve my brothers.

Since Freemasonry is a beautiful system of personal development reinforced by symbols and veiled in allegory, it is indispensable that we all strictly observe Masonic orthodoxy. If we do not remain attached to this orthodoxy, there is no chance that we will polish our brute stone well. Only in the exact observance of the ritual will we find the tools for our personal growth.

In the same line of thinking, I ask that we observe the Masonic law: the landmarks approved by the Grand Lodge of Guatemala, its Constitution, Statutes and Regulations, as well as the protocols established to carry out our Meetings, Assemblies and other protocol acts. Remember that we have promised not to make innovations in the Masonic process, because when we introduce our own opinions, invent our own protocols or improvise spontaneously, we only manage to make Freemasonry lose its greatness, its formality and its seriousness.

I beg you to dedicate ourselves to study, that we personally keep learning to correctly interpret symbolism and allegory. May we use the information of Freemasonry to know us deeply, as well as our fellow human beings, so that we may love them through philanthropy. I ask the Dignitaries of the Lodges to give you the opportunity to instruct each other with quality information. May the administrative affairs of your Workshops not be the focus of your meetings, but the development of the QQ:. HH:.

Finally, remember that we have all had and will have the opportunity to be in a position of authority in the Order and we all deserve due respect for the dignity of the post as long as we have it and that no one should think themselves superior to others by virtue of their Masonic assignments. Bear in mind that every position in Freemasonry is temporary and that it represents a great opportunity to serve others.

In the Order we call ourselves brothers because we recognize that we start from the same original source as humanity, but that we put this fraternity into practice only when we do good to one of our brothers, without seeking to benefit ourselves.

My QQ:. HH:. For I recognize you as my brethren your intimacies are safe with me; I have sworn it in that precinct which symbolizes all that is virtuous and worthy of admiration and the very thought of breaking my promises penetrates my chest like a sharp steel. Because I accept you as my brothers I feel united to you with the sacred and noble bond that leads me to be useful and to give you my help in all circumstances. Because I know that you are my brothers, I merge with you into this embrace which, through our great differences, makes us one at a time.

Always faithful my brother! Why is that as precious as life!