At the beginning of the 20th century, a movement was pushed to separate the structure of symbolic Freemasonry from its remaining philosophical bodies.

This resulted in the independence of the three symbolic degrees, which would now come under the auspices of a Grand Lodge and the authority of a Grand Master.

The Sovereign Great Dining Hall Juan Padilla Matute, who held the position from 1895 to 1912 appointed a commission to organize the Grand Lodge at the session held by the Supreme Council on 29 January 1900. The Commission was chaired by I:. P:. H:. Francisco Eleazaro Asturias Catalán. However, it was until the session held by the Supreme Council on September 16, 1902, that it was appointed on Monday of each week to verify the preparatory work of the organization and foundation of the Grand Lodge. On September 29 of the same year, the first meeting was held.

QQ:. HH:. attended the session.

Resp.·. Log.·. “Unión No. 1”

  • Emilio Schumann, Princ.·. R.·. C.·. Gr.·. 18º
  • Nathan R. Meyer, Princ.·. R.·. C.·. ·. 18º

Resp.·. Log.·. “Firmeza No. 8”

  • Víctor J. Morales, Cab.·. Kadosch, Gr.·. 30º
  • Vicente Sáenz, Princ.·. R.·. C.·. Gr.·. 18º

Resp.·. Log.·. “Hiram No. 11”

  • Emilio Roig, M.·. M.·.
  • Miguel S. Valle, MM.·. M.·. M.·.

Resp.·. Log.·. “Constancia No. 18”

  • Emilio Bianchi Sob.·. Gr.·. Insp.·. Gen.·. 31º

Resp.·. Log.·. “Alianza No. 24”

  • Rene Fueron, Cab.·. Kadosch, Gr.·. 30º
  • Andrés Huard, Princ.·. R.·. C.·. ·. 18º
  • Carlos M. Palma M.·. M.·.

At this first meeting, a Great Provisional Officers was elected.


Delegate of the Supreme Council Francisco Eleazaro Asturias
Grand First Watcher Rene Guerin
Grand Orator Vicente Sáenz
Grand Secretary Rodolfo E. Sandoval
Grand Treasurer Andrés Huard
Grand Beggar Emilio Schunmann
Gran Master of Ceremonies Emilio Bianchi
Grand First Expert Emilio Roig
Grand Second Expert Nathan R. Meyer
Grand First Deacon Carlos M. Palma
Grand Guardian Inner Temple Miguel S. Valle

At that meeting, Q:. H:. Victor J. Morales proposed that the new High Body of Symbolic Masonry be called “Grand Lodge of the Republic of Guatemala, Central America” and agreed the form and design of the seal and banner.

The QQ:. HH:. Palma Morales and Saenz, presented the motion to delete the names of the 10 founding lodges that were:

Capital City:

    • “Unión No. 1”,
    • “Firmeza No. 8 “,
    • “Hiram No. 11”,
    • “Constancia No 18” y
    • “Alianza No 24”

the other Departaments:

    • “Fénix No. 5 ” de Quetzaltenango,
    • “Estrella de Occidente No. 10” de San Marcos,
    • “Igualdad No. 13” de Totonicapán,
    • “Estrella del Norte No. 17” de Cobán y
    • “Fraternidad No. 20″ de Antigua Guatemala.

It was decided to leave the same names of the Constituent Lodges and only modify their number, ordered the nomenclature from No. 1 and by rigorous order of date of foundation. The Resp:. Log:. Union maintained its number, to the Resp:. Log:. Fenix corresponded the No. 2, to the Resp:. Log:. Firmeza the No. 3, to the Resp:. Log:. Estrella de Occidente No. 4, to Resp:. Log:. Igualdad No. 5 and so on.

The second session was held on 20 October 1902 and the work was devoted to presenting the draft Constitution, the General Statutes, and the Declaration of Principles. The latter was of vital importance for the formation of the New Grand Lodge because it had to reflect the philosophical principles advocated by the new High Symbolic Corps and the acceptance of the norms of international recognition. The above is in order to be recognized as a regular Grand Lodge by the Great Mother Lodge of England. This is what constitutes the Doctrine of Regularity of Origin, that is, symbolic lodges regularly constituted by a Regular Body as was the Supreme Council, which decide to form a Masonic power.

The Third Ordinary Session was convened and held on December 21, 1902, and resolved everything related to the installation of the new Grand Lodge.

The Fourth Session was held on 20 June 1903 and the main purpose of it was for the constituent lodges to appoint their representatives.

The Fifth Session was held on July 13, 1903, the agenda and the agenda had as its main points, the adoption of the General Rules and other provisions related to the installation of the Grand Lodge.

At the 6th meeting, on August 8, 1903, the Painting was chosen, which was to be installed on October 20, 1903, and was integrated as follows:

  • Respectable Grand Master: Francisco Castañeda Castañeda,
  • Deputy of the Supreme Council: Francisco Eleazaro Asturias Catalán,
  • Grand First Watchman:Victor J. Morales
  • Grand Second Watchman: Rene Guerin
  • Grand Speaker: Vicente Sáenz
  • Grand Secretary: Rodolfo E. Sandoval
  • Grand Treasurer: Carlos M. Palma

All of which were sworn and solemnly installed in the Grand Session called for effect on October 20, 1903. Since then, the following VV:. MM:. Have held the position of Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Guatemala:

Francisco Castañeda y Castañeda


Mariano Cruz


Rene Guerin


Vicente Santolino Rodríguez


Rafael Herman Willensen Muller


Bernardo Alvarado Tello


Octavio Cortez Montoya


José María Moscoso Espino

1934, y 1947-48

Luis Gaytán Arroyo


Daniel Aguirre Gutiérrez


Buenaventura Echeverría


Benjamín Godoy Cruz


Eugenio Valentín López González


Federico Guillermo Cardona y Cardona

1951-1952 y 1955

Miguel Ángel Castillo Lanuza


José Ovidio Castañeda Álvarez


Luis Alberto Coronado Lira


Carlos Emilio Bianchi Arenales


Daniel Warren Orbaugh Mills


José Guillermo Mayorga Escobar


Julio Gómez Robles


Luis Felipe Gil Sierra 


Maximiliano Moreno Palomo


Pedro Zamora González


Tomas Villamar Contreras

1960 y 1970-1972

Ricardo Juárez y Aragón

1960 y 1962

Carlos José Florida Granda


Luis Alfonso López Gutiérrez 1961, 1964-1965
Lauro Antonio Rivera Flores 1962
Juan Joaquín Kosak Knopp 1963
Ricardo Cancelo Ossorio 1966-1967
Salvador Marbán Santos 1968-1969
Jorge García Arévalo 1973-1974
Enrique Sosa Ávila 1975-1976
Juan Rafael Sánchez Morales 1977-1978
Carlos Humberto Sandoval Cardona 1979-1980, 1987-1988, 2009-2010
José Humberto Moratalla De León 1981-1982
Oscar Barrios Castillos 1983-1984
Emerio Lemus Recinos 1985-1986
Raúl Alfredo Castañeda Duarte 1989-1990
Juan Antonio Aguilar Morales 1991-1992
Carlos Enrique Rosenberg Mozón 1993-1994
Enio Hernández Laselva 1995-1996
Rony Patricio Aguilar Gutiérrez 1997-1998
Baudilio Portillo Merlos 1999-2000
Francisco Alberto Sáenz Maldonado 2001-2002
Rafael Eduardo Aragón Guevara 2003-2004
Edgar Alfredo Herrera de León 2005-2006
Julio César Aldana León 2008, 2015-2016, 2019-2020
José Domingo Fuentes Bagur 2011-2012
Jesús Joaquín Álvarez de Oviedo 2013-2014
Estuardo Ordóñez Kocher 2017-2018

Saúl Enrique Morales Galindo


In 1954, due to the political situation that confronted the country, symbolic Freemasonry went through a serious crisis and lived a period of almost 10 years deeply divided. In that period two Grand Lodges functioned and the constitutive Lodges doubled their numbers. In 1964, after several years of negotiations, the division ended, and, as part of the arrangements that were reached, the quality of Grandmasters was recognized by the HH:. who had held that position in the two Grand Lodges, therefore, it is that from 1954 until 1964 appear in the list of Grand Masters, two brothers with such quality. The same happened with the HH:. who held the position of Venerable Masters in the Lodges who doubled their numbers.